Friday, April 17, 2009

Out of Biopsy

UPDATE 4/18/09: Keegan slept ok after some benadryl to ease the itch. Thank God we cut his fingernails yesterday morning because he was ripping at his skin. He continues to be unusually fussy this morning and has had several bouts of really bad diarrhea. We've already had to give him more lasix and tylenol. We haven't seen the doctor yet this morning, so we'll update again when we know more. Thank you so much.
Keegan did well during the liver biopsy and change-out of his g-tube. They were able to get a good amount of tissue to run all the needed tests, and his new g-button looks good. He had a little dependency on oxygen for an hour or two in the recovery area, but he's off it now. Keegan's having a bit of a rough night so far, and we're not sure if it's the anesthesia or what. He's a little far post-anesthesia to be having these problems (vomiting, elevated temperature, seems to be in some kind of pain, itching, etc). We had to give him an extra dose of diuretic because he hadn''t urinated since before the procedure, but it seemed to do the trick. They're keeping him on just pedialyte feeds for tonight and will redraw his labs in the morning to make sure he doesn't need blood or anything.

We are 99% sure that we won't have results on the biopsied tissue until at least Monday. Please pray that tonight's issues were just a fluke and that Keegan will be discharged back to our Boston apartment tomorrow. Thanks so much for keeping him lifted up in prayer today. We are so grateful.