Sunday, March 29, 2009


Keegan is still thankfully outpatient. The labs drawn Friday afternoon that were back by the evening didn't look much different, but as our doctors said, it is difficult to admit him based solely on labs. Thank God for that! I know that it is due to your prayers that he has NOT thrown up again since Friday night! We measured his belly tonight, and it is back to his normal range. That makes us all happier, for sure. Our GI doc here called this afternoon and left the ball in our court whether or not to keep Keegan's current clinic appointment for Tuesday or to come in tomorrow. Keegan hasn't had any fever, and other than some transient pain (which isn't unusual for him to have his "pain episodes") and some extra fatigue, he hasn't had any fevers or been too "off". So, we are still scheduled for a full cardiology+GI clinic visit which will take most of Tuesday morning (labs, chest/abdominal xrays, EKG, doctor visits).

We are very thankful to have stuck to our family outings this weekend. Saturday, we went out to the JFK Presidential Library in the morning. It was a beautiful but cold morning on the Harbor. We came back for a late nap and cooked our first dinner in our apartment. Today was cut short by rain, but this afternoon, we were able to get out to the Church of Christ, Scientist across the street from our apartment. We missed the actual church because Keegan (luckily) took a long nap, but we were able to see the Mapparium in the Mary Eddy Baker Library. The Mapparium is a complete map of the world done in stained glass and completely spherical. You actually walk through the world. It's absolutely amazing, but we weren't allowed to take pictures. Click HERE for some more info on this amazing globe. Because it's glass, sound bounces off the walls of the mapparium. Two people standing on the opposite ends can whisper and hear each other as if they were standing right next to each other. If you stand in the middle, you can hear yourself in surround sound. The other beautiful aspect of the Mary Eddy Baker Library was the Hall of Ideas. It's so amazing that I can't even put it into words. Click HERE to read about it, and click on Keegan's video link below to see a video we took of the "Ideas" evolving.

This evening, we walked around the mall at the base of the Prudential Building, but we didn't go to the top due to the inclement weather. We went to Mass at a chapel run by the Oblates of the Virgin Mary that was in the mall!! It was actually very nice and was so well attended that people were standing in the aisles. Thank you to Father Collins for cluing us in to that one. It was actually the first time we'd all been to Mass together as a family since last spring. We are really trying to get Keegan out more on the advice of our transplant cardiologist, including going out to dinner at Legal Sea Foods tonight. Awesome crab cakes! Even though the doctors said to take him out, doesn't make it much easier to relax though!

Tomorrow we're headed to the Aquarium and Fanueil Hall, one of the first places the Declaration of Independence was read to the public. In true American consumerist style, it's now a "marketplace" (read tourist trap). Oh well, I guess we'll see! Thank you so much for your prayers for Keegan to help us keep him outpatient. If we can make it through next weekend, we will break his record of being outpatient since August 2008 (11 days)! For now, check out the pictures and video from our recent excursions! Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you, thank you, thank you!