Monday, March 9, 2009

Change of Plans

We had a slight change of plans today. Keegan was scheduled as the third cath of the day, and the transplant cardiologist insisted on Kegan being transfered to the transplant or cardiology floor post-cath. Well, the bed she had reserved for Keegan somehow was given to another patient. Needless to say, we didn't get his cath and biopsy today. We've rescheduled him for the first case tomorrow, and he will spend most of the day in the cath recovery suite. Then he can come "home" to the GI floor, so the book on "will he or won't he be transferred to a different floor" is now officially closed. We will let you know about the cath/biopsy results as soon as we know something. The best case scenario is that he continues to have very little rejection, and we might be able to reduce his level of immunosuppression.

Also, most of the interventional radiology team is at a conference this week, and we need them to be available when we pull Keegan's infected central line. So, we're now waiting to schedule that for next Monday. This means Keegan could possible redevelop his infection at any point until the dirty line is out. Please pray that he remains stable as we wait for next week's surgery. The line removal presents us with many other problems that we will explain as we go through this process. At least for now, it's a problem for next week. Just pray he stays fever and sepsis free for the next week.

Wednesday, we will repeat Keegan's upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. This time the tissue will be looked at under the electron microscope and a bunch of other analyses that haven't been done before now. We are still working on increasing his feeds. No increased problems so far with the Elecare, but no real improvement either. He didn't throw up with his overnight trial last night, but we vented about 4 hours worth of feeds out after it was over. That means he didn't really process anything while he was asleep, but at least he didn't throw it up either.

Immunology came by to consult today. They are digging through the tests that have already been done and will probably order a few more. All of Keegan's immunoglobulin levels are still elevated. His white counts were way low again today, after only two days off of his GCSF. We started it back up again today and will try to go back on a 3x/week schedule. Lastly, we should be getting a visit from the motility specialists this week to discuss his reflux, dumping, and delayed emptying.

Thank you for your prayers thus far. We are still very encouraged by the doctors and treatment here. We also had a visit today from Father Ross, a friend of Fr. Postell's, who really lifted our spirits and united us in prayer tonight. Please, please, please pray with us that his cath and biopsy go well tomorrow and that he stays fever-free for the next week until we can get his infected line out. Thank you so much. We hope you each had a great start to your week.