Monday, February 23, 2009


Keegan didn't have a great night. Lots of air and excess coming from his tube, but he did NOT throw up this morning. He acted like he was going to but managed to keep it in. The resident was in the room when he started retching, yelling "keep it in, buddy! Keep it in!" Things I never thought I'd hear!

We're packed and ready to go. A little premature, I'm sure. I hope we didn't jinx it. Of course, the details are always what keep us here. Getting Keegan home takes an act of Congress with two home healthcare companies, meds that can only be filled by one pharmacy, which doctors want follow-ups when, etc. Then inevitably one doctor comes in with a "well, we're concerned about" speech every time on the day we want to go home. Always makes me wonder why they weren't concerned about it before now. Anyway, it will more than likely be rush hour traffic and with a feeding due (of course, we don't have our home pumps here) when they are ready to send us off.

Like I said in previous posts, we don't have that terribly elusive "answer" for Keegan, but we feel a little bit more comfortable going home now that we may have a better approach once we're there. We'll likely get at least one second opinion locally, and we may have to go elsewhere to find a doctor that follows a more proactive approach to protecting Keegan's liver from the TPN and lipids.

Your prayers are amazing! Keegan was at the brink of violating the "no-vomiting-and-he-can-go-home" rule, and I just know that it was the fervent prayers of our family and friends that kept him in line. We appreciate you continuing to pray that this new medication will stop the vomiting and allow us to work harder on letting Keegan's gut adapt and heal. Thank you also for all of your birthday well wishes - having Keegan go home is the best birthday present I could ask for!