Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I can't really entitle this entry "update", since I don't really have much to update about tonight. We're STILL waiting on Keegan's liver biopsy results. We'll keep praying for them for tomorrow, I suppose. We've advanced his feeds to 15ml/hr this afternoon, and he's doing ok with it. He still stops processing, and we have to help him out with the relief bag and venting his tube. At least (knock on wood) he's not throwing up now. His tube site is looking pretty good, 7 more weeks to getting the tube replaced with a button. We're even going to try a little rice cereal during his speech therapy session tomorrow. Don't know if Keegan's going to agree with that attempt, but we'll see! We're down to Monday/Thursday labs for the most part, and by tomorrow, we should have a good idea if the "GCSF every three days" plan is working. Also, Keegan's been off the "big gun" antibiotics for his staph infection for a week now, and we've seen no indicators that the infection is still there. The only other news is that for 2 days now he's only taken one big nap a day. He wasn't too thrilled with the idea at first, but when he started fighting his already late bedtime, we thought it was time to try. He's getting closer to "normal baby" stuff all the time.

We'll certainly let you know when the biopsy results are in. Thank you for your continued support. I don't want to get into what we think the biopsy may show quite yet (confusing stuff until we know for sure), but please continue to pray for a result that encompasses many of Keegan's symptoms. This would allow us to start new treatments and hopefully be home very soon. We place our trust in the Lord, and we will follow the path where He leads us, even if it's not home yet. Thank you again, and we'll update again soon. Have a great end to your work week!