Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back at Children's - PART 7!!

And Keegan's back at Children's yet again. He made it 6 days this time. It's a GI admittance, but we are luckily on the cardiac floor. Our primary GI doctor has been working on getting us admitted since we called him this morning at 7:30am, but we didn't get the call that a room was ready until 6pm. Our transplant doctor said she almost had to promise her first-born to get the last bed on the 8th floor.

As we posted before, Keegan continuously throws up overnight and in the morning when we feed him. He was getting increasingly uncomfortable at night, and we were having to drain bile out of his g-tube several times a night in addition to the vomitting. It was problematic, but we were willing to work it out at home. Yesterday, our feeding pump broke at 1pm, and we didn't get a replacement pump from the home healthcare company until 8pm. Then the one they sent didn't work either. So, Keegan didn't have much of anything but water and a bit of rice cereal yesterday. Still, he had discomfort, air in his tummy, and quite a bit of back-up in his tube overnight. This morning, the color of his morning episode of throwing up was very concerning, as was the color and consistency of his diarrhea. Keegan would not even sit up. He was lethargic and uncomfortable for several hours. Eventually, he started acting like himself again, and he did well during the day, apart from an unusually long nap.

We called our GI doc first thing in the morning, and he said there were a few more tests we could run to figure out the vomitting. It just took us all day to get here. Luckily, we were able to sit home instead of in the ER. We are praying fervently that this admittance will be the charm for finding an overarching diagnosis for Keegan. Maybe we won't have to travel to find it afterall. Thank you for keeping Keegan lifted up in prayer once again. We would be nowhere without yur prayers.