Wednesday, January 28, 2009


UPDATE - 5:20pm: Had to give more pain medicine. We asked to avoid morphine again if at all possible, so we tried something a little less potent. Keegan developed a high tolerance for many pain meds in his first month, so we try to avoid them when possible. He's been in pain or asleep since we got back to the room. We're praying he'll be doing better when he's ready to wake up. There's some blood draining into the collection vial connected to his tube, but they don't seem worried yet. We've also had to give him a medication to help his blood clot better since his liver isn't doing a very good job of that right now. We will continue to check his levels throughout the evening to ensure he's not had further damage to his liver from the biopsy. Thank you for your prayers.
UPDATE - 12:45pm: Keegan is back in his room. He seems to be having a harder time with coming out of sedation this time and is quite uncomfortable. We're hoping he will be able to "sleep it off" without more morphine. The surgery went well, no complications. It will be a few days before we have biopsy results, and the doctors need to consider some of the surgeon's findings regarding the state of Keegan's intestines. We will update again later. Thank you for lifting Keegan up in prayer during his procedure. We are again grateful for a successful, complication-free surgery.

Keegan is in the OR. They will put in a g-tube, do a liver biopsy, and an exploratory inspection of his intestine and abdominal cavity. We do not know how long the surgery will take, but we'll be sure to update when he's back in the room. Thank you for your prayers during this time.