Friday, January 23, 2009


Keegan did well during the procedures today. The GI doctors were able to drop the capsule without much bleeding. They did not notice any changes in his esophogas or stomach from the last scope. Keegan has huge leads attached to his stomach and back which connect to a large computer box. We are using a heart monitor bag so he can move around a little more freely with the box. The box will be removed tonight around 10pm, and Dr. Barth will download and examine almost 1000 pictures of Keegan's small and large intestine on Monday. We anticipate Keegan will pass the capsule soon, but if it becomes lodged, they can remove it next week when he goes back to the OR for his g-button and liver biopsy. On a different note (one very exciting to his doctors), Keegan has yet another record to his name. The GI fellow confirmed today that Keegan is the youngest and smallest baby in the United States to have a capsule endoscopy. Doctors in Boston did a baby that was just a little older and only half a kilo more, but Keegan takes the cake. We told the doctors that we'd rather have results than records, but it made them happy for the day.

The bone marrow biopsy went well. Because Keegan is a bit bigger than he was in November, they were finally able to get a sample of the bone, and they think the marrow sample was better this time too. By the time the procedure was over, it was after lunch, so we won't get those results until Monday afternoon either.

Keegan's not feeling great tonight, but he's such a little trooper. Thank you for lifting Keegan up during today's sedation. We greatly appreciate you continuing to pray that today's procedures will provide the answers we so desperately want for Keegan. Have a wonderful weekend.