Friday, January 9, 2009


We didn't want our friends and family to worry for lack of posting. We had a very encouraging visit with GI yesterday. We truly feel this new doctor is looking at Keegan's case with fresh eyes. He has some good ideas, but it also requires him to take the time to thoroughly read and become familiar with all of Keegan's prior testing/labs/history. He will be in contact with us again hopefully over the weekend but at least by Monday with a plan of action for Keegan. We will be sure to let you know when we know something.

Keegan continues to struggle with terrible diarrhea, bleeding, and stomach cramping. Luckily, his TPN gives him enough energy to play and be happy when he is awake. Napping and sleeping are rough; the cramping and pain from his diaper area irritation is quite uncomfortable. He continues to smile through it all, and we are so grateful. Thank you to everyone who has visited and helped us out lately. We could not be more appreciative. Thank you so much for your unfailing prayers and support. It gets us through the day. We'll update as soon as we have the new plan. Have a great weekend.