Friday, January 23, 2009

Capsule Endoscopy & Bone Marrow Tomorrow

Keegan was supposedly on the schedule for his capsule endoscopy at 9:30am, but "Children's Time" is in full swing. Here it is at 10:15am, and no clues as to when we might be going down. Also, hem/onc decided they'd rather do his bone marrow aspirate and biopsy today, rather than next week. The biggest plus is that we should have some reports on that by Monday. We will let you know when Keegan is out of the procedures.

Keegan tolerated the blood well last night, and his bone marrow was very happy with it. His red counts are beautiful this morning, perfect for anesthesia. And drum roll please.....Keegan's white count and ANC are the highest they've ever been (except the first few days post-transplant)!!!! I just love posting good news. The GCSF finally started to kick into gear, and the blood transfusion also helps stimulate the bone marrow to kick out new white cells. The combination was exactly what Keegan needed. We're going to forge ahead to the next step of our "GCSF goal", every other day injections at half strength. Ultimately, we'd like him to be on every third day injections, and Gray and I would like to see him go back to IV form, rather than shots. One step at a time. His liver function is not good at all today, but we are going to look into that next week.

We appreciate your prayers for Keegan during today's procedures. We ask Keegan's angels to guard him closely and guide his doctors in their work. As always, we pray that our Lord sees fit to reveal some of Keegan's secrets through these tests. Thank you so much. More later.