Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We Made It!

Keegan is HOME!! Yesterday was very stressful and didn't go nearly as planned, but we made it home nonetheless. We got here by about 7pm. Keegan was scared to death of being in his car seat, but hopefully, he'll get used to it again soon. It was a very long night. Keegan was a little scared coming back in the house, and he would scream bloody murder when he woke up in his crib alone. We successfully put meds down his tube at midnight and 3:30am and disconnected his TPN without waking him up. Unfortunately, we somehow forgot to unclamp his relief bag after giving him his enzymes the last time, and by 5am, he was throwing up everywhere when his stomach "fell asleep" and stopped digesting. Fun stuff. He also has a bit of a drippy nose - probably from the dryness at the hospital and heaters.

We are drowning in a sea of medical equipment, and everytime we get started unpacking, we have to stop and give meds of some sort. It is a huge adjustment to getting things done here while making sure Keegan doesn't topple his IV pole on himself. As much as I tried to prevent it, it is exactly like when we came home last year. Completely overwhelming. Luckily, Gray doesn't have to take time off of work to help because of the holidays.

We can never thank all of you enough for praying for Keegan and helping us during this time. My Christmas wish is for Keegan to stay home for awhile this time, and I know your prayers will help him get there.