Sunday, December 28, 2008


Keegan had an ok day yesterday. He spent most of the day asleep, catching up from the last few nights. He hadn't thrown up since the night before in the ER, but he was having some pretty bad diarrhea again. When he woke up from his nap, his face was quite swollen, and I told the resident that I thought he might need some lasix to get rid of the excess fluid. He told Gray and I to watch him for now, and let them know if it got any worse. It didn't really change much, but we didn't say anything else considering it hadn't gotten worse. Keegan perked up for the first time when his Aunt Alex came to visit and had a nice evening playing with family. Gray said he slept ok last night, but by 5am, his admitting hem/onc doctor had decided to go ahead with the lasix to help his kidneys process a little better. Gray said it worked well this morning, but we think he'll need another dose or two to get back to normal.

This morning was not so hot. Gray gave Keegan his medications down his ng tube and was clearing his nose with the suction a bit when Keegan started vomitting again. He was still trying to clean everything up when I came in with the coffee. Keegan had been so sick to his stomach that he coughed up his ng tube again. On the plus side, his fever hasn't come back, and his diapers look a little better. His hem/onc doctor said this morning that if the blood cultures come back negative by the 48 hour mark later tonight, he'll send Keegan home Monday with the GCSF injections even though he's still severely neutropenic. This time of year, the risks of being in the hospital tend to outweigh the benefits - hence the stomach virus Keegan likely picked up here before we left. He'll have his weekly labs on Wednesday, so he'll be watched closely enough.

We're so humbled by your prayers and outpouring of support for our entire family. We would be lost without your love and the grace and mercy of our Lord that carries us every single moment of the day. Thank you, and we'll update again tomorrow.