Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ok, so very quick update. Yesterday things started spiraling out of control, putting us to Christmas Eve or after Christmas for going home. Keegan threw up 3 times; his diapers were questionable, and it appeared insurance was not going to cover his TPN and lipids at home. More than anything, NOTHING was being done in order to get him home. There were miscommunications and very tense moments, and none of our home healthcare was finalized. We had no medications (still don't have them or his TPN as I write this). Keegan has been off TPN for over 24 hours now, waiting for our home healthcare to bring his supplies and trying to switch him to day infusions from night. The nurse practicioner is getting nervous about his blood glucose level and has authorized him to be put on their TPN or a dextrose drip until this is all ironed out. Late last night, we seemed to have gotten everything back on track for going home today, but now we're watching valuable hours tick away. We have said a million times that we want to go home when Keegan will be able to stay home for the foreseeable future (barring any infections or illnesses that may crop up). Now, there's RSV patients on our floor, and the risk of infection here is getting too high. Please, please keep praying for our doctors, nurses, case managers, and of course, Keegan that this all gets sorted out, and we can be home soon. We'll update again when we're either home or if things change.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who has stopped by, called, sent letters, gifts, meals, cards, emails and the like lately. We can never express our gratitude and appreciation to each of you. We have some pictures of visits from Keegan's friends Tucker and Karis to post, but we're still blocked on the hospital networks. Keep checking, and we'll hopefully post next from Plano! Merry Christmas.