Friday, November 21, 2008


Just a quick note with what we've learned since yesterday's procedures. Keegan's hematologist/oncologist, Dr. Rodgers, said there is no evidence of post-transplant lymphoma in his bone marrow, which is great. We will still wait for his scope biopsies before completely ruling it out, but we're pretty confident since the marrow is clear. They have sent a lot of marrow out for testing, which will take until next week or the week after. The other thing they could see was that Keegan has developed antibodies to his own white blood cells, which is why he has no mature white blood cells. We don't know why yet, and Dr. Rodgers said we probably won't treat it unless he starts getting infections from being immune deficient. GI has decided to wait on starting enzyme replacement therapy until the official labs get back, but it looks like that's where we're heading. I found out today that the pancreatic stimulation test was supposed to take about 1 hour, but Keegan stopped producing bile at the 20 minute mark, thus stopping the test. Again, we won't have any more information until labs come back.

Keegan's blood counts were even lower today, so the transplant team decided to give him a little over two units of blood today. He just finished that, and it seemed to perk him up again. It's bedtime now and Dad's night, so we'll let you know more as we know it. We're hoping for a quiet weekend. No one is expecting Keegan to go home before Thanksgiving. We told them we were fine with that if they get us home before Christmas! Thanks so much for continuing to keep Keegan in your prayers. Have a great weekend.