Sunday, November 16, 2008


We've had a mostly quiet weekend for Keegan, again in the "two steps forward, one step back" fashion of recent weeks. He is still having on average 14 dirty diapers a day, and most of them have had blood in them for the last 48 hours. He has had several large clots, but mostly smaller streaks. We ran one test of his blood counts yesterday. He had dropped again. We'll get a more complete set of labs tomorrow, but I would anticipate he'll need another blood transfusion in the next few days if the trend continues. No fevers still. He lost weight for two days, but he was up a bit today. Still, he remains in good spirits and has been entertaining the nurses daily. He had a blast with Aunt Alex today while Gray and I met with Keegan's transplant surgeon, Dr. Guleserian, this afternoon. We are scheduling another care conference with Keegan's transplant team, GI doctors, and hem/onc doctor for the beginning of the week. The transplant team and GI would like to go ahead with the bone marrow biopsy early this week. GI is also requesting a CT scan of Keegan's entire torso, not just his abdomen. We'll keep you updated on news as we get it. We hope you all had a good weekend, and we appreciate you keeping up with Keegan. Thanks so much.