Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Good news first - Keegan had fewer number of dirty diapers and a bit of weight gain between the last two days. The dirty diapers aren't any less scary unfortunately, but we are happy for any bit of good news. The bad news is that Keegan has been running over a 100 degree temp since last night, and it's been as high as 101.8. So, more blood cultures from his port and a vein in his foot. As you probably remember, that buys you at least a 48 hour visit. No other news to report. Keegan has his moments, but for the most part, he is still playing and showing some good energy. We increased his feeds to 15ml/hour late this afternoon, and tonight we'll be increasing the calories in his TPN to try to help the weight gain issue. I really hope the remaining genetic testing we've sent out doesn't take a full two weeks, but we'll just have to wait and see. Thank you for continuing to pray for Keegan and also for me and Gray. We are getting extremely anxious and feeling completely helpless in understanding what's going on with our Bug. We greatly appreciate your support. More tomorrow.