Saturday, October 18, 2008


Good Afternoon Everyone…

I just wanted to leave a quick update for everyone checking in on Keegan. Maddie stayed with him last night. I think overall we had a pretty good night. Maddie reported that he was up and down with some stomach cramping and scratching of the hives. They have continued to administer steroids to keep the hives down and they have seemed to help. In the meantime we have waited to hear about the pic line. The staff has tried to do everything they can to get it scheduled but it looks like it will not happen till Monday at the earliest. In the meantime they have started administering lipids to make up for some of his nourishment needs.

We really are starting to feel more confident that the Bactrim he was taking might be at the root of most of his problems right now. We started reading some of the literature on the medication and its side effects and they seem to account for a lot of the signs and symptoms that Keegan has been showing. We will keep him on gut rest until the Bactrim seems to have worked its way completely out of his system.

Thank you for keeping Keegan in your prayers… they are making a difference! Have a great Saturday.