Monday, October 27, 2008

Home tomorrow?

After this weekend's failed trial of increasing calories, Dr. Brown said we'll need to make the increase at a much slower pace, like over weeks instead of days. That makes it unreasonable to keep Keegan in the hospital to watch him. We started the plans to be able to go home today, but as the day dragged on, it became evident that wouldn't happen. We still need his feeding pump for home, meds, flu shot, labs, etc. We also found out that our insurance won't cover the Neocate formula, which of course isn't cheap. For now, we're keeping him on 20kcal formula at 50ml/hour to get him some more calories. Then we'll slowly increase over the next month or so, and start outpatient feeding therapy at Baylor. He weighed 15.4 pounds today, which was a relief.

As I was writing this, unfortunately Keegan had a few bad diapers right in a row with some blood. So, we'll see what they say now. Sending my dad's computer home with my mom for now in hopes that these diapers don't change our plans. Thank you as always for praying for Keegan. Hopefully, our next post will be from home.