Friday, October 10, 2008

Endoscopy Results

Well, the endoscopy gave us few answers. For the most part, everything was normal. Keegan does have a "pancreatic rest" at the base of his stomach. This is basically a birth defect where the pancreas doesn't separate properly from the stomach tissue; this causes a nodule of tissue to take up space at the "exit" of the stomach. It is a condition that they generally let kids grow out of; as he grows and his stomach gets bigger, the nodule will take up less space. Right now, it blocks a good portion of his stomach. Liquids can get around it just fine, but it doesn't give solids a lot of space. This probably is the source of his gagging and vomitting. Additionally, Keegan has some lesions on the back of his throat and swollen adenoids. These are probably why Keegan's stopped eating much lately. Cultures were taken of them to see if they are from a virus, and we should know Monday. Dr. Brown and the transplant team decided to start Keegan on a medication that would treat it if it's the type of herpes that also causes cold sores. We should have that culture and the biopsy results from his esophagus and duodenum by the beginning of next week. Dr. Brown did NOT see any fungus or viral infections or inflammations in the GI tract that he was hoping would be the answer to all these problems.

None of these things explains Keegan's inability to gain weight, the blood loss, or the diarrhea. So, we'll wait for the biopsies to come back, just in case. Then, we will decide where to go from there, probably some other tests, xrays, and stool studies.

Keegan did fine through the procedure. It was very quick, and he had no problems with anesthesia. He drank a bit of pediasure when we got home, and obviously, he was not admitted. Yeah!

We greatly appreciate your prayers today, and we would ask that you please, please, please keep them up. We still don't have an answer to help Keegan start feeling better. We haven't taken many pictures lately, but I am posting a few new pictures that we have snapped. We're trying to get Keegan's two new favorite things on video: making his "monkey face" and saying "uh-ohhh." However, when we pull the camera out, he always stops! We'll keep trying for ya though. Take care, and thank you again for your thoughts and prayers today. We will continue to update as we form a plan for Keegan's diagnosis and treatment.