Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Central Line tomorrow

Just a quick evening update. Things were tense again today, as it took until after 2pm to get Keegan to radiology for the MRV and get an IV started. However, once he was sedated, the anesthesiologist was able to quickly get an IV started, and they pumped him up on fluids during the scan. Keegan did well with the anesthesia for the scan, and he's a little crabby but ok now. We just got a read on the MRV, and it looks like most of the preferred access points are good. Since the scan took so long, Keegan is now scheduled for surgery to get the portacath inserted tomorrow morning at 7:30am. He is the first procedure of the day, and since he is inpatient, he shouldn't be bumped by anyone. We were hoping to get his CT scan tomorrow to avoid yet another sedation, but that's not shaping up. An ENT consult will be there in the OR tomorrow to take an actual biopsy of the lesion on his throat since it's still there. Lastly, as we expected, his blood cultures and stool studies were all negative for infections.

Thank you for your prayers today. The Lord has once again sent his angels to stand guard over Keegan. Keegan did very well with sedation today and getting the IV started. We are hoping for some great rest tonight to prepare for tomorrow. Please continue to pray for Keegan's surgeons and for continued clarity and cooperation from and between his doctors. Thanks so much. We'll update later tomorrow.