Friday, September 26, 2008


Another busy day at the hospital. It looked like we were going to go home early in the morning, just needed to check his blood counts one more time. Then at about noon, Keegan developed a terrible rash and welts all over his body. The doctors immediately gave him tylenol and benadryl, and it went away miraculously. For awhile they thought it was Fifth's Disease, which is very common in preschoolers. Then, his cultures for parvo came back negative about 2 hours later. So now, we are waiting for the benadryl to wear off and see if the rash comes back by around 6:30pm. Also, his remaining cultures will be out 48 hours by about 8:30pm tonight. If he's rash-free and negative cultures, we should be released.

The plan is still to give him some time to get over the c-diff, and then follow-up with GI to look into the blood loss and weight issues. His tacrolimus levels were back up again today, so we'll hold his dose tonight and lower it starting tomorrow.

Thank you for all your prayers as we've gone through this stressful week. We will keep you updated on anything else that comes up. We don't have any other appointments until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, when Keegan will have more bloodwork done. We'll surely let you know if we don't end up going home tonight!