Thursday, September 25, 2008


Not much news to report here. Sounds like we definitely won't be going home until tomorrow, but Keegan is already starting to respond to the antibiotics and IV fluids. So far, the remaining blood cultures are still negative, but it hasn't been 24 hours yet. We stopped the IV fluids this morning to see how he'll do on his own. His diarrhea has slowed but not stopped. His tacrolimus levels were back in the right range again this morning, so we started his prograf back up.

We met with the transplant team, and they think his heart is fine. They still want the GI consult once the c-diff has passed though. The c-diff probably made any other issues he has worse, but it is a recent occurrence in problems that are ongoing. As we said yesterday, the c-diff will interfere with anything else they try to do right now, so we'll reapproach his absorption/weight issues and blood loss later on an outpatient basis.

Thank you again for your continued prayers and support. If somethings changes we will be sure and post again. Otherwise we will update tomorrow.

Thank you,