Sunday, September 28, 2008


Keegan was discharged from the hospital late Friday night, and he's been doing well since we got home. He made sure to stop by the CVICU on his way out to say hi to some of his friends, like Marilee and Brian. He still has some tummy upset, but it's much better than before. He still has some good color, so we're hoping his blood levels are still up. We will have more labs next week and follow-up with his pediatrician. It will be at least two or three weeks before he will be clear of the c-diff for good and able to follow up with his GI consult. The good news is that his heart is doing well, so we can focus on the other issues without having to worry about his heart.

I guess house arrest will start a little early in the Harrison household as we wait out the c-diff and begin RSV/flu season. Keegan will get synagis shots every 29 days again beginning sometime next month and ending in February or March. They worked very well last year, so we are praying for a good result again this year.

We posted some (kinda) new pictures from his heart transplant anniversary dinner and the ICU reunion at Children's last week. Thankfully, Keegan's social calendar is fairly empty this month, so we should be able to focus all our energy on getting him well. Thank you as always for keeping him lifted up in prayer. He would not be where he is today without your love and support.