Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cath Lab Update - Admitted

We are at Children's for Keegan's annual and biopsy. We were here at 7am to get him ready for cath. He was in a good mood, even though he was hungry. The plan was to go to cath for his biopsy and coronary angioplasty (pictures with dye) first. Then, he would go back to the clinic for xray, echo, and EKG. We knew this would be a long day, but it just got longer. Keegan is now going to be admitted at least overnight.

When we met with his cath doctor, Dr. Nugent, this morning, he was a little nervous about finding an access point, since Keegan has been cut open at nearly every possible spot. Usually, they will go in through the groin for these procedures. If it were just a biopsy and no pictures, they would go in through the neck. Both of these places have been used before by cath and his central line, which can cause thrombosis in the veins. So, he left us saying he didn't know where they would get in, but they would get in. They took him back with him waiving happily to us at around 8am.

We've been sitting here in the hall chit-chatting with just about all our doctors and nurses as they have been going about their business. Susan, the transplant coordinator, came out saying Keegan was ok, but his blood levels were dangerously low. They were not going to be able to take blood for labs, and he was going to be given at least two units of blood. This will require him to be admitted overnight at least for observation. We will see how he does by tomorrow to see if he'll need to be here longer and if they can get his labs.

Please keep him in your prayers, and we will update again soon.