Friday, August 29, 2008


Keegan is showing small improvements every day. His energy seems to have returned almost to normal. No fever, and his blood pressure is looking better. He still has a runny nose and the black tongue. He is eating slightly better, but we think whatever is affecting his tongue and mouth may make things taste funny. He still looks a little pale and drawn at times, but it is definitely getting better. The best thing is that his smile and laugh are definitely back. That makes Gray and I feel 100% better about everything.

The tests run by Infectious Disease take at least 5 days, so we probably won't hear good or bad from those until Monday. We are still planning to see the pediatrician and have bloodwork done on Wednesday. We are simply praying for continued improvement in Keegan's health so that he is completely ready for his biopsy next month. Thank you for your prayers this past week. We will update as we know more.