Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Just wanted to update on how Keegan is faring with his cold and ear infection. He started acting more like himself yesterday, although he still has a icky, runny nose. It's so hard to see your child screaming and writhing in pain. It makes me so glad that he went through all the heart stuff when he was young enough to not know the difference. Everyone keeps saying Keegan was lucky to make it 11 months without an ear infection, but I'd just as soon have him never have to experience it! We went to the pediatrician yesterday, and she said his ear didn't look that bad now. That seems to mean the antibiotics are working, so he should be able to recover on his own at home. Thank you for your prayers, and we will continue to keep you updated on his progress.

The reason we had scheduled to see the pediatrician was to discuss Keegan's weight/height. She was a bit concerned that he has had approximately 5oz of weight gain in 3 months, but she wants to give him some time to make that up on his own now that Keegan's off the steriods. We will go ahead and make the transition to whole cow's milk. We started that today in his bottles with half milk/half formula, and he really seemed to like it. We are also going to try to get Keegan to drink a can of Pediasure a day. He also seemed to like what we gave him of that tonight for dinner. We will check his weight again next month at the hospital. Please continue to pray that he gains weight and grows without more intervention.

Again, thank you so much for remembering Keegan in your prayers. We greatly appreciate it, and I promise I will get some pictures up soon!