Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Keegan was discharged late this afternoon, and we've been home since about 3:30pm. His labs were coming back together, so with a few med changes, they felt it was ok to send us home. The ID tests will take a few more days, so there didn't seem to be much reason to wait that out at the hospital. His blood pressure has come back down a bit, and he hasn't had a fever in over 24 hours.

When we got home, his color seemed to instantly improve. He was very excited to see Rusty, and he crawled around the house a bit. After his nap though, things weren't so hot. His color seemed zapped again, and he was extremely irritable and clingy. He didn't even respond when Big Daddy came to see him. He had a nosebleed for the first time, and his temp went back up past 99 again before bed. He is sleeping now, and we are hoping that a good night's sleep in his own crib will make all the difference.

We are still hoping the tests that Infectious Disease ran will tell us something in the coming days, but we may never know what caused Keegan to be so sick. He will be seen by the pediatrician next week and will have more blood draws on Wednesday. We are stopping antibiotics tomorrow. His nose is still drippy. and he still has a slight rash on his forehead and arms. He has had leads for the heart monitors stuck to his back for the last three days, so his back is a bit irritated. Each hand, foot, and inner elbow are bruised from the many blood draws. Please keep praying that Keegan will continue to improve so that he can have his biopsy on the 23rd.

Thank you also for your prayers for our friend who had her stem-cell transplant today. Her dad came to see us at the hospital today and said the transplant was very successful. Also, please continue to pray for Tucker and Wesley. Tucker needs to be well to have the best shot at a successful heart surgery, and Wesley is trying to gain weight and breathe well all the time on his own. Thanks again for remembering us all in your prayers. We hope everyone else is having a wonderful week, and we'll keep updating on Keegan's progress.