Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CRAWLING!!...Oh Yeah, and Labs

Watch out!! Keegan is crawling!! It's his own unique style of crawling, but it is the real deal nonetheless! See it here. He keeps one leg under him in "traditional style", but then he brings the other leg up to use his foot. We've coined it "peg-legging". What would you call it? His best incentives for crawling are cell phones and remote controls. We found old versions of both that have officially been designated Keegan's. Still, crawling is simply a mechanism to get him to the nearest place to stand. The most hilarious thing about his penchant for standing is his determination to do it no matter the price. This often results in his feet waaayyy far away from the desired piece of furniture. Then he takes up to 10 minutes to slowly inch his way forward to success. Dare we call him stubborn? That wouldn't run in the family, would it? ;)

Ok, now for labs. Because we needed to run more tests, he had to have another full blood draw instead of just a finger-prick. Keegan now has two little bruises, one for each arm. The good thing is no more more labs until August!! Transplant coordinator Stephanie called and asked if I was ready for a good laugh. His immunosuppressant levels (prograf) were too high!! So, we inched that down a bit. The iron study was ok. He is handling iron well; he just is going to need more of it to stay there.

Keegan is still not eating well. His formula intake is down, and he has all but reached total refusal of anything at all in his mouth (except toys or pacifiers). His top center teeth still haven't completely broken the skin, but you can see they are right there ready to make their appearance. We are going to patiently wait out these teeth, and then we will reassess his food situation. I know many of you are thinking "that's just typical baby." You'll just have to grace me my neuroses on things like this. Not eating is a huge heart red flag. I know his heart is fine though (thanks to clinic last week), so I'm learning to accept that these things may be normal. Still, the doctors are cautious about his weight, as are Gray and I. He is nowhere near being on the weight charts, and we just want him to be healthy.

That's all for now. Our house is a complete disaster zone since they started ripping out the shower in our master on Tuesday. It will probably be another week or so before it's all finished. The blessing in it is that there was no mold, no studs had to be ripped out, and no sheetrock had to be replaced. Whew! There was a lot of water, but it was all in fixable ways. The workmen said that had we continued showering there for even a few more days, we wold have had a disaster on our hands. So, as always thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers. We still haven't replaced the computer, but we were finally able to get my old laptop to recognize the camera. That means more pics of the Bug!

Thank you for checking in on us and continuing to remember Keegan in your prayers. We would love to hear from you too. Take care, and we'll update again in a bit.