Sunday, July 13, 2008

10 Months Old

Keegan is 10 months old!! Can you believe it?? He'll be a full year in less than two months!! OH MY!! He has certainly had a full 10 months, and we have been blessed every second of it. I apologize for the lag in posts, but we have not had the best week. Keegan is getting all four top front teeth at one time. The side ones are coming in first (have actually broken the gum), which results in names such as "Vampire Baby", "Fang", and "Snaggletooth". The latter being stolen from Rusty, who happens to only have one remaining upper incisor tooth (long story). I also think Keeg has hit a little growth spurt. The two combined have given us a rather grumpy Keegan for the last week. It all culminated last night into one of his worst bouts of fussiness ever, and we were about 10 minutes from heading to the Children's ER - what a way to spend a Saturday night. Then, he calmed down and slept decently overnight, so we were saved the trip. Today has been a little better. Hopefully, our normal, happy Keegan has returned for awhile.

This past week has been just generally bad. Gray and I are showering in the guest bath until our master shower is gutted and fixed. We have a so much water behind the tile of our shower that the carpet in our bedroom is wet. It's all due to a poorly constructed shower. Of course, our insurance only covers "mechanical problems", like pipes bursting and leaks. The leak detection company the insurance sent out said there was no leak, except around the drain - which of course is explicitly excluded in our insurance policy! AHH! Obviously, a bathroom renovation was not in our budget, but we will get through. Other fun things that happened this week: (1) possible flea infestation in our house (turned out to be springtails, innocuous little bugs but annoying nontheless), (2) a near broken nose for me when my heaviest cookbooks and their iron stand fell on my head off the top of the fridge, luckily I was wearing a ball cap and only had a bloody nose, AND drumroll please...(3) our computer is officially dead, another item not in our budget. Luckily, my old law school laptop works if constantly plugged in. It's extremely slow and loud. We have no access to our pictures and are not even sure if our camera will be recognized on this laptop. In other words, postings may be few and far between for awhile.

We will post again after clinic on Wednesday. We have an echo this month, and our first labs in three weeks. Keegan is crawling backwards, cruising everywhere, and can get himself to sitting from his tummy. He is talking constantly. He'll say "dadada" when I go to change his diaper and "mamama" when Gray goes to do it. He still keeps us laughing, even on the bad days. He's struggling with his food again, but it may be due to the teeth or growing pains. Please keep him in your prayers that his appetite returns and that he gets a good report from clinic this week. Please also keep my sister in your prayers, as she has just finished her fourth knee surgery. We are hoping for a better week ahead, and we pray for patience and strength as we face the obstacles ahead. Thank you for your continued support and love for Keegan. We could not get through without each of you. We hope you are each doing well and that you have a great week!