Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clinic & Surgery Update

Clinic went pretty well today. He weighed in a little less than last month, even though he was up at the ER the other day. I think it had a little to do with the fact that he hadn't eaten due to his sedated echo. He measured at 26 inches, but I measured him the other day at a little past 27. He had a little trouble during his blood draw, lots of tears today. Still, his labs looked beautiful except for the continually low levels of immunosuppressant, so we increased that dosage again. His chest xray, EKG, and echo all looked great. He's become very wise to all the tricks to get the nasty sedation medicine down and spit about 90% of it out. Hopefully for his next echo in July we can skip the sedation and opt for a full tummy and dark room. Dr. Fixler gave him an A+ and cleared him for surgery tomorrow.

Keegan's hernia repair and circumcision are scheduled for tomorrow morning. We have to be there at 7am, yikes! We're the first case of the day; everyone always says it's better to be first than last in the surgery cue. The only thing I'm worried about at this point is getting an IV started on him. From day one we've had problems getting a good working line on the boy. It wasn't a problem with his central line in place, but that's no longer an option now. At any rate, we will update again tomorrow afternoon once we're home. Please, please, please keep Keegan in your prayers tomorrow. This is the last surgery for him until cath lab in September for the biopsy of his heart. There's always risk of infection for wounds of any kind for him, and he is still on steriods, which do make it slightly harder for the body to heal. Having these procedures out of the way will be a big load of our minds, and Keegan will be able to enjoy the rest of his summer with no impending surgeries. Still, it is always dangerous for him to go back under, and we appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers you can send his way. Your prayers and the mercy of our Lord brought him through the worst of it. Please help us get through one more time. Thank you so much for remembering and checking on our little Bug!! You are each such blessings to us.