Sunday, April 27, 2008


That would be the American Association for Retired DOGS. Yes, Rusty is officially a senior citizen, and unfortunately, his digestive system got the message. Rusty had a nasty bit of colitis or inflammation of the colon. He is on antibiotics and is doing better. It seems the little dog who used to be the canine trashcan has developed a discriminate bowel as he's aged, poor guy. No more licking dinner plates or eating the food at the boarding place. We have to reduce his running to a few days a week and start him on some glucosamine. The good news is that all the running we've done over the years has made his heart better than a much younger dog. With a little bit more awareness of his age, we should expect Yahoo Serious, Jr (Gray is the Senior, which makes Keeg the III!) to be with us for many years to come.

Thank you for your prayers concerning Keegan's eating. We stopped solids completely for a few days, and he's doing much better on his bottles. He had gotten down to 10 ounces or so a day, and the acceptable range is 24 to 36 ounces per day, plus solids. The doctor said she would be happy with at least 20 ounces, and over the last week, we've been able to meet that most days with a few 22 to 23 ounce days. He's still his happy little self despite having two more blood draws last week to determine his prograf levels. He's not quite crawling in the traditional sense yet, but he can move around pretty well on his tummy. It's pretty funny.

In other news, a BIG congratulations to our friends Ben & Abby Harris, who welcomed their little girl (and Keegan's first little girlfriend) Lainey Cathryn Harris on Thursday!! We're so happy for you. She's gorgeous!!

Lastly, please keep Gray's Grandad in your prayers. He is now in hospice care at the Veteran's Home in Temple. Gray has been able to spend quite a few good days with him lately, and all the family has come to see him. Please pray that he is comfortable and in peace as he makes this final journey, and please keep Granny in your prayers also. Many thanks also to Mamie & Big Daddy for keeping the Bug so that Gray and I could make the trip to be with his family at this time.

We're looking forward to a week of nice weather here in North Texas. We hope each of you are doing well. Head on over to Keegan's pictures & video to see what he's been up to lately!