Monday, March 3, 2008


We received word today that Keegan will have his central line removed and be circumcised this Thursday, March 6, 2008, at Children's. It will be day surgery; we will not have to stay overnight. Dr. Garcia, who put the line in before we left the CVICU, will do both procedures. It will occur in the day surgery OR, but one of the cardiothoracic anesthesiologists will handle sedation and be present throughout. He will not have to have any preventative antibiotics. We're planning to go in early on Thursday, and from what the transplant coordinator could tell, he is scheduled for surgery around noon. Gray and I will be there and will update the site as things progress.

One other update, we did find out his cylex level from three weeks ago was in the moderate range, which is perfect. That's reassuring going into surgery that he's not over-suppressed.

Please keep Keegan in your prayers this week and on Thursday especially. Open wounds are a big infection risk for him, and it doesn't help that nearly all of these incision sites will be in his diaper area. Of course, he always faces troubles when he's under general anesthesia also. We are so thankful that the Lord has brought Keegan this far, and we pray every day that his angels continue to lift him up and protect him as he faces challenges like these.

Don't forget to check out details on our first fundraiser in the ACTIVITIES tab above! Hope to see you there! I wish Keegan was old enough to appreciate his first snowfall today, but I suppose that will come soon enough! Take care, and stay warm.