Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Clinic Update

Keegan has had a pretty rough start to his 6-month birthday. First, he had his well-child visit with Dr. Lestz on Monday. He got the ok to start his veggies and fruits, but he also had to start his vaccination schedule. Due to his rough start out in this world, he hasn't had regular vaccines like other babies. So, Monday he started at the beginning with three shots, no fun. He cannot receive live vaccines though, so he won't have quite as many to catch up on. Dr. Lestz said that he has exceeded all her expectations for meeting his developmental milestones. She called him a "motor boy", meaning he has very advanced motor skills but isn't too rushed to start his verbal skills. He sits better than most 6-month olds, and he can really move around on his tummy. Like his dad, Keegan also seems fascinated with how things work and sound. He babbles and loves to hear his own voice (although we haven't learned the meaning of "indoor voices"), but he isn't really concerned with strings of consonants, like "mamamama" or such. No big worry there though, as that doesn't always come for another month or so. Dr. Lestz still thought his head was a little flat, but nothing that would require a helmet yet. We'll reevaluate in 6 weeks when he goes in for more vaccinations. Lastly, she felt a hernia in his groin area. We had a surgeon at CMC check that out, and it seems to be very minor. The plan is to repair that during cath lab in September along with his circumcision. Other than that, he got an A++ from the pediatrician.

On Wednesday, he weighed in at 14.3 pounds at clinic. Now that the central line is gone, he had to have blood drawn like the rest of us. We learned our lesson on that one - numbing cream is your friend! Xray and EKG looked great. He was sedated for his echo again. This time at least he slept through the whole thing. I think all the screaming during labs wore him out and the sedation just topped it off. Echo looked beautiful according to Dr. Barnes. He didn't increase any meds. We dropped two medications and added a new cholesterol lowering one that will be a life-long med. It's not that he will have high cholesterol, but transplant patients are prone to coronary artery disease. This medication helps to protect against that. Long day at clinic, but good news all around. The best news is that we're once-a-month now. Again, I think I'm going to go a little nuts not knowing everything's ok, but I'm sure we'll get through just fine.

One more reminder that the first fundraiser, a wine tasting and bottling event at Swirll, is scheduled for March 27, 2008. View the official invite here. We would love to see you there, but hurry! There are only 80 tickets available!

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Lastly, we posted some fun new pictures. We hope you get a laugh from our Bug! He certainly keeps us smiling. We wish you all a wonderful weekend and a happy St. Paddy's Day! Thanks again for your prayers and support. Talk to you soon!