Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clinic Update

Clinic went much better yesterday than the last time Keegan was sedated for an echo. Trial and error, I suppose. He was still a bit of a mean drunk but not nearly as bad as before. Chest xray, EKG, and echo all looked fine. Labs were great - NO MED CHANGES! Yeah! He weighed in at 13.7 pounds, so just over the 5th percentile for weight. We didn't get a good height measure yesterday, so we'll have to figure that out next time. He still woke up at the end of the echo, but a little Pedialyte got him through. Then about 30 minutes later, he was out cold for two hours. He didn't even wake up for Fixler to examine him. It was like checking out a rag doll. His Valentine's outfit was a hit though. Everyone really liked it, but then again, he's cute in everything! (I'm not biased, am I?)

He is sitting up so well on his own that we stopped on the way back from the hospital and bought a "big boy stroller"! Just a lightweight regular stroller to replace the car seat frame stroller we had before. We took a little loop around the block to test it out, and Keegan was mesmerized by his new view. I guess now we'll have to have Daddy take the car seat adapter off the jogging stroller too. This kid is growing up way too fast!

That's all for now. I've got some new pictures and video to add, but Gray managed to run off with the camera battery charger. I'll get them up once the camera is charged and good to go, so keep checking in on Keegan. Thanks as always for your continued prayers and support - that's what's helping to keep Keegan healthy and strong. Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!