Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back to Work

Yesterday was my first day of taking defense court appointments. When I got home from the courthouse, I told Keegan he was the only person who could ever get me to do this. See the sacrifices I make for this kid? Crossing over to "the dark side"? ;) I heard more "are you serious?" and "not you!" yesterday than ever before in my life! In the end though, I did two state jail pleas and a reserved the jail chains in a few misdemeanor courts for the next few weeks. It wasn't bad for a little more than half of a day's work. I also had so many people offer to help in any way they could, which really touched me. Thank you to each and every one of you. It certainly gave me a new appreciation for my friends and work.

In other Keegan news, he is just surprising us each and every day. He sits up so well although he still isn't content to just sit for long. If you put your hands out in front of him, he'll lean forward onto them, and if you wait for it, he'll push himself up to stand. The newest trick in his repertoire though is twisting around on his tummy. My dad called this "pre-crawling". The other day, Keegan turned himself three-quarters of the way around in a circle. That central line may have to come out sooner than we thought! I'm not ready for him to start crawling yet!! We still have to baby-proof the house! baby's growing up.

Please keep checking for new pictures since we don't send updates for them. We'll be updating on fundraising activities soon also. Thanks so much for keeping Keegan in your prayers.