Monday, January 7, 2008

Dr. Visit

Keegan went to see Dr. Lestz today for his 4-month "well baby" check-up. She was so excited to see how well he was doing. When we told her that Dr. Fixler said to treat him as a healthy baby for feeding/sleeping/developmental milestones, she even did a little dance! He weighed in at 11.4 (about 11 pounds, 7 ounces) and 23.5 inches. That puts him in 5th percentile weight and 10th percentile length according to her. He's on his own little curve that's trending the right direction though, so that's what's most important.

She said we could start rice cereal, so Daddy bought 3 boxes on his way home from work! We'll start tomorrow and see how he does...and take pictures of course! Let the messes begin! Dr. Lestz thought Keegan was hitting or exceeding all his developmental points, but his head is still a little flat in the back. She wasn't worried about it yet though. We'll check it out again at 6 months. Other than that, everyone at the office was just thrilled with him.

Keegan hit one other big milestone yesterday - he went to church for the first time! The transplant team said we could start taking him as long as we kept him covered (when isn't he?) and stayed away from other children. He did amazingly well! With all he's been through and all the prayers said around him, I think it must of felt so comfortable to him. We planned it to go during his naptime, and he never lifted an eyelid the entire time. No one bothered him or got near his carrier or asked to see. I just pray he does as well next week!

That's all for now - no hospital this week! I think I may go crazy not knowing what his labs are! Daddy is going on a business trip for most of the rest of the week, so keep Keeg and I in your prayers!! My biggest prayer is that he keeps up last night's "perfect sleep" - not a single peep until after 5am! I hope each of you had a good start to your week. Thanks again for checking in on Keegan!