Monday, January 12, 2009

Back at Children's

Keegan was admitted at Children's downtown again last night. He spiked a very high fever around 3pm, and the transplant team sent us to the downtown ER to be admitted by hem/onc. We spent way too long in the ER but finally got to the floor late last night. Keegan continues to have a high fever this morning. He's riding the tylenol wave of spiking back up about an hour before he can have the next dose. He cannot have ibuprofen due to interactions with his immunosuppressants, so we simply have to help him be comfortable in between spikes. He's been off his tube feeds since 4pm yesterday and continues to have diarrhea and a distended stomach. His labs in the ER were worse for his liver function, but his neutropenia was not too severe (246, not 70 like before; remember normal is over 1500). We haven't seen the hem/onc attending to discuss anything other than tylenol and his usual IV antibiotics yet today. We don't know if they'll put him back on GCSF or not.

We spoke with Keegan's new GI doctor this morning. He called us to go over some of his thoughts and what additional tests needed to be run, and he was quite surprised to hear Keegan had been admitted with a high fever. We had been anticipating a scheduled admittance sometime this week for gut rest anyway, but the fever threw us into it earlier. Keegan was in quite a bit of pain yesterday, and he is generally uncomfortable and fatigued from the fever. His liver issues and diarrhea desperately need to be addressed. Needless to say, we're hoping this time's the charm, so to speak. We'll update again soon with whatever information we have. We appreciate you continuing to lift Keegan up in prayer. Please pray for comfort for Keegan and clarity and wisdom for his doctors. Thank you so very much.