Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Clinic Update

First of all, happy 3-month transplant anniversary to Keegan! Now on to details from clinic, we officially have a little piglet, not a "little bug"! 10.86 pounds!! Since he's in the 5th percentile and gaining weight so well, we now get to go down to the regular formula concentration. That will help on not having to buy so much!! His EKG and chest x-ray looked good. They've decided to sedate him for his next echo on 1/16 to get his heart rate down a bit and hopefully get better measurements. Medication-wise, we had a big shake-up today. His white blood cell count was up, and his H&H was down. That means we have to start back up on some of the medications we stopped before, namely two of the immunosuppressants and one of the shots. Luckily, the shot (to increase his red blood cell-making ability) can be administered through the central line in Keegan's stomach, so we don't have to have the little port in his leg that kept bleeding out. It's a little frustrating that his immune system is playing these tricks on us, but it could also be a result of his weight gain. All the change in his meds makes me nervous that we're only going to the hospital for clinic every other week now. I know it will be fine, but it's still a little nerve-wrecking. When Dr. Fixler said "see you next year" (our next visit is 1/2), I just about lost it!

Keegan was the little rock star he always is at the hospital. He brought peppermint bark candy that his Mama made to the clinic, the surgeons, and the CVICU. Everyone thought he looked so cute in his Christmas bubble, and the most often heard comment was "he's SO big!!" ;) Dr. G was so happy to see his "rolls"!

Oh, I almost forgot - the little bugger slept from 9:45pm until 4:45pm last night without a single little peep until he got hungry at the end! Amazing, huh?! I woke up in such a panic that something was wrong. Nothing wrong but a very sound sleeper, just like his earthquake-proof Daddy!

Kyra in the development office sent us the recorded clip from the radiothon. You can listen to it here. There's also a few more pictures there since we seem to have exceeded the picture limit on the "photo album" tab. We probably won't post again until Christmas since it's getting to be holiday crunch time around here. We