Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Update

This was a pretty good weekend for our Bug. His godfather, Teague, came in from New York so he could meet Keegan and be there for his baptismal rites. Father Postell baptized Keegan at Children's the day he was born, but Friday night, Father went through the rites so that Keegan would have a formal christening. It was nice to do one more "normal baby" thing. He also got a visit from the Eisenbeck family today as they passed through on their way back to Nashville. Keegan whispered to us that he'd like to go to Nashville too, just like his parents. ;)

The weather here was beautiful this weekend, so we took as many walks as we could to enjoy it. Keegan really seems to like being outside, and we can't help but think that the fresh air is good for him. He has been taking a little over 2 ounces on most of his feeds this weekend, so we're hoping he will be close to 8 pounds tomorrow at clinic. His little arms and legs are starting to fill out, and he finally has outgrown the preemie diapers. The last one received quite the unceremonious farewell from Keegan, if you know what I mean!

We have posted a link to the new COTA website while we work on transferring to it. Obviously, there is a lot of content to move, and it's not set up quite as nicely as this one. Most of what is posted at the moment are "test" posts. The good thing is that the account is set up, so donations can be made now.

Last week of two clinic visits a week! More later!