Sunday, November 25, 2007

Update and Volunteer Meeting

Happy late Thanksgiving, y'all! We had a very nice (but cold!) Thanksgiving with so much to be grateful for this year. Each of you, your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes were especially at the top of our thanksgiving list! We would not be able to celebrate each day with our precious son without you. Keegan will unfortunately have to wait for his first turkey until next year! He is doing well and up to 8.9 pounds. No rejection, infection, or general yuckiness yet. Please pray that he continues to grow, eat, and stay healthy through this cold/flu season, as even the tiniest infection could threaten his life at this point.

I am trying to keep posts to a minimum since there is so much to transfer to the COTA website. If you've looked at it lately, you may have noticed that Mark (Gray's dad & Keegan's "Pops") has already started the painstaking process of transferring all 90+ blog entries into the "journal" section. I can't start blog entries on the COTA website until all the old ones are transferred, or they will be out of order. We are also still learning how to make the website a little more "user-friendly" and get some pictures on the site.

VOLUNTEER MEETING THIS WEDNESDAY - Please see the "activities" tab of the COTA website for more info!! This is for people interested in organizing fundraisers or heading committees for various fundraisers. It is a training session by COTA for this purpose. You do not need to attend if you want to volunteer at fundraisers or make donations. Please see the website for more info.