Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What a great day it was!

Keegan is tube free from his chest area. Yeaaahhh!

Keegan was able to have his chest drain and pacing wires taken out today. That was great news. On top of that he did really well when they took him off the ventilator. They didn't need to put him back on the SiPAP but instead skipped him right over to the nasal canuals. He is doing so well on the nasal canuals that they have already begun weaning the oxygen off that too. Great huh?

So right now he is in his mama's arms at the hospital. You can see his whole face and a cleaned off chest. It really does make you feel good. Next up to bat will be working with a speech therapist on teach Keegan to take a bottle. If he can show signs of taken some food through a bottle then it sounds like we will be on our way to the recovery floor. It is all up to Keegan now to show how he can take to this new thing known as eating. I'll post some pictures... enjoy.