Thursday, October 25, 2007


See how powerful prayer is? Keegan weighed in at 6 lbs 8 oz today! Dr. Fixler and transplant coordinator Susan didn't seem too worried about the rate of weight gain yet; they are more focused on him just gaining and growing. He still hasn't started the third anti-rejection medication yet. All it means is that the levels of one particular type of white blood cells are low enough on it's own right now, so they don't need to further suppress it. That's not necessarily good or bad according to the doctors; it just is what it is. They increased the dose of a different anti-rejection med just a bit today. They have been slowly increasing it because it can be hard on his kidneys.

He had a rough day of being poked and prodded today, but overall he handled it like a big boy. After clinic, we went to the CMC Development office and taped a radio segment for the Children's Miracle Network phonathon that will air on 103.7 this December 13-15. Gene and Julie from the morning show interviewed me and my mom today. They will do a live interview with Gray during the phonathon. We'll be sure to remind y'all before it airs. It was pretty quick, so I wasn't able to get any pictures. Thanks to Kyra at the development office for asking us to participate in it.

Two prayer requests for others: First, my grandfather, Max Huffman, had surgery this morning to remove some kidney stones. He is currently fighting an infection and awaiting a second surgery for an enlarged prostate. Some of you may remember that he is the first "miracle" in our family, having survived a brain abcess that statistically has a 100% mortality rate. Please pray that he recovers from this infection and has a successful second surgery. Lastly, please also remember another one of Keegan's ICU "friends", Tucker. You can learn more about Tucker on his website under our "links" section. Tucker went to the 8th floor this week, but he is having respiratory problems. We hope that you will remember Tucker in your prayers and that he will overcome this hurdle quickly and continue to improve. Thanks so much.