Sunday, October 7, 2007


Just spoke with Maddie and things seem to still be progressing. I had him last night and we did just fine. He was pretty alert for most of the evening and when he did sleep he could still manage to set the little alarms off. None of it was anything to worry about, the way some of the monitoring equipment was set, if he moved or twitched at all the alarm would go off. I was able to hold him for a very long while. It has become apparent that Keegan has really figured out the pacifier. That is good news because that takes him that much closer to bottle feeding. It can be bad news because he cries every time it falls out of his mouth. After talking to Maddie she told me that because of that progress, they have moved Keegan's feeding tube up from its placement in the small intestines to right in his stomach. Now they will begin feeding him once over 3 hours into his stomach so they can begin to get him use to that. I guess the next step is to begin working with a bottle.

Keep praying... from the way everyone has been talking that are almost for sure that he is on his way to the 8th floor on Monday. We will know for sure when they evaluate him in the morning.

Take care, Gray