Thursday, October 4, 2007


Hello everyone. Today was another good day. It was a good day because it was really a resting day. They didn't really do anything dramatic or new to Keegan today. He started back on the formula through his nose tube. He also got introduced to his speech therapist who is going to help Keegan learn to eat from a bottle.

Tomorrow sounds like a little bit busier of a day. They have decide that they are going to remove the femoral veinous sensing line from his leg. They are then going to install a new IV in his other leg. This new IV will be used from now on to give him most of his medications. There is a better than average chance that this line will stay in even after he leaves the hospital. This will allow the doctors to give Keegan medicine without poking him each time. In order to remove the old line and install the new one Keegan will make yet another trip to the OR. He will also have to be put back on the ventilator again. They fully anticipate taking him back off the ventilator as soon as the surgery is over. This is all fairly routine for the doctors, and it sounds like there is very little to no risk to Keegan. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers anyway.

On a funnier side I got to hear Keegan's singing voice today. I was commenting to Maddie how cute his little newborn cry was. I was glad it hadn't turned into the blood curdling scream yet. What I didn't realize is that when he was upset this morning he had figured out how to turn the volume and intensity up. As soon as I made that comment to Maddie he cranked up the volume and had a pretty good fit. Needless to say I got blamed for that one. Leave it to the kid to get his shots in right on cue. The crying is a good sign for his lung capcity though. To be able to scream that loud you have to be able to hold your breath and not pass out.

I posted some more pictures... Please enjoy and have a good evening!