Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Good Afternoon Everyone, I am at home now trying to get some work done but I got word from Maddie that things are going well there this morning. They have been weaning him off the ventilator and are still planning on removing the ventilator tube later today. I know they are waiting on some lab results before they give the final ok. They think that there is a chance that Keegan will not have to go back on the SiPAP machine after he is off the ventilator. They are thinking that maybe he would be ready for the nose cannula that is feeding him constant air/oxygen. We will see about that soon. Once the ventilator is out they will also restart the feeding. They have been giving him a few cc of food down his NG tube. The chest drain that they installed yesterday hasn’t really been leaking much at all. They had planed on taking it out today but instead I think they will wait to do that tomorrow. In the meantime they feel like they have gotten most all the fluid that had gathered around Keegan’s right lung off. Once he has the drain removed we will be able to go back to holding him. In the meantime it sounds like he had a good night with his Grandmother Martha. Tonight Maddie has the night shift.