Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Keegan did have a small procedure preformed this afternoon. They took him into the OR around lunch time and removed him PD catheter. They also added a drain that would remove some excess fluid that had gathered around his right lung. After talking to Maddie it sounds like everything went as planned. The PD catheter came out and there were no signs of infection. They were able to drain 25 cc of fluid off the lung but they will more than likely leave the drain in until tomorrow to make sure they got all the fluid. During the procedure they had to put Keegan back on the ventilator. They expect that they will be able to get him off that sometime tonight.

I only had a minute to get this blog in so you will have to excuse me. I will update again when I get the chance. In the meantime know that the little guys is doing fine. Also... I got to hold him for like 2.5 hrs this morning. We watched sports center and Seinfeld together... ahhh, father and son bonding.