Monday, October 1, 2007


Keegan had a busy night last night. Around 11pm they decided that everything looked right for extebating him (removing him from the ventilator). He did pretty well after they removed it. A chest x-ray showed that one of his lungs wasn't quite filling enough so they put him on a constant oxygen flow through little nose cannula. That worked for a while but wasn't really forcing him to exercise his lungs enough. They finally settled on a different machine. Some of you might be familiar with it. The machine is called a SiPAP respiratory machine. It looks and sounds a lot like a CPAP machine that adults use at night when they have problems with sleep apnea. The machine took a little while to get adjusted but once it did then Keegan was back to sleep. This machine still gives Keegan a pretty constant flow of oxygen but still forces him to exercise his lungs and breath on his own. It is a lot like being on the ventilator but much better because you don't have the tube down your throat, only cannula up your nose. We did get to hear Keegan cry this morning too. This really was the first time we have had that chance since he has pretty much been on the ventilator tube since he was about 15 minutes old.

Right now Keegan's color is really good and he seems very calm. They are going to keep him off sedation still since they want to see him get that worked out of his system. It also sounds like they are going to wait on removing the PD Catheter till tomorrow. It still seems to be slowly draining and due to the fatty content they detected in it over the weekend they would like to adjust his diet to see if that can be cleared up. Also, now that he has the breathing cannula stuffed up his nose, they now have the smallest size NG tube going down his throat for giving him certain medications and eventually starting him back on formula.

Maddie and I are with him today and I have the night watch. Keep the prayers coming and I will try to keep the good news coming. Thank you for all the support!