Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday Update

Keegan is resting up today because (drum roll please...) he might get moved to the recovery floor on Monday!! YEAH!! If he continues to tolerate his feeds through the NG tube and has an otherwise quiet weekend, we'll be movin' on up! We will try to post some pictures tonight also because they have let us put some clothes on him today too. He's not naked anymore! Please pray that this weekend is a good one of rest and that Monday we are writing from our new room. We'll keep you updated!

We can't say it enough - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! To all of our friends and family for your love, prayers, and support. To all of those we don't know who are following Keegan and praying just as hard. To each of his surgeons for their tireless work and dedication to Keegan's health. To every nurse and tech that has spent countless hours with us, watching, caring, and encouraging not only Keegan but Gray and I also. To everyone at Children's that has prayed and supported us during this time. To every other family in the CVICU whom we have come to know, whom we have cried with, prayed with, and celebrated with, that you will continue to grow in health and strength. And to our Lord, without whom we wouldn't be able to sit here now and thank the beautiful people with whom He has blessed us, especially our little miracle, Keegan. Thank you, and I hope you will keep praying with us as we continue down this road.