Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pluggin' Along

Sorry it's been so long since we updated. Bringing any new baby home is stressful, but bringing a transplant baby home is sheer craziness. Keegan is doing remarkably well. We went to the hospital Monday for his first "clinic" appointment. He will go back for bloodwork, EKGs, x-rays, echos, and more every Monday and Thursday until the beginning of November. Then, he will go once a week, then once every other week, until he gets to monthly visits by spring of next year. Dr. Fixler said Keegan was looking great. They will probably officially take out his "ng" tube by Thursday if all is going well. For the most part, Keegan is taking all his feeds by bottle now and all his meds by mouth. We have only used the tube once since Saturday. He extracted it himself twice over the weekend, and I had to sink it again. If you thought changing diapers was bad, try threading a tube down your child's throat as he gags and cries bloody murder!

We seem to be getting used to his medication and feeding schedule. It is rather overwhelming still. It's also very stressful wondering if you've washed your hands enough or who needs to wear a mask still. When we go out of the house, Keegan also has to wear a mask, which he hates. I'm sure he'll get used to it soon.

Tomorrow is Keegan's first "well child" visit with his pediatrician. Sure puts a new spin on that phrase, huh? Luckily, his pediatrician is best friends with one of the transplant cardiologists. He'll be in good hands. Thursday at the hospital we will also meet with the Board of Trustees to share Keegan's story in hopes of securing more money for the transplant program. Next week, Keegan will tape a segament to run during the Children's Miracle Network phonathon. We'll have more info on that as it becomes available.

Thanks again for praying with us during this time. We really do appreciate it. More photos tomorrow!