Monday, October 8, 2007

New Room Info

Alrighty, we have a bit of new info about our new room here on 8. Keegan's room number is C8255 (or "room 55"). I will update the main page with visiting info soon. Visiting hours are the same as before - 8am to 8pm. Gray and I do not have to wear masks and gloves anymore, but visitors and hospital staff do. We can now use cell phones in the room, so please let us know if you are planning to visit. There is no longer a waiting area to go through, but there is a main desk. The staff there can help you find us.

The transplant team told us this morning that they are hoping to have us home by Friday!! Keegan has to tolerate his feeds this week, and we have to learn his medications and other transplant info. After that, we're outta here!! That's a lofty goal, so please pray that by Friday night Keegan is snug as a bug in his own home. More info and pics soon.